Artist Profile

Born in 1984, in Madhya Pradesh, Hemant is a self taught artist. He has exhibited his works widely in many group exhibitions in India and abroad. He also had few solo exhibitions in the country. He was a recipient of Junior Art Fellowship; Visual Art (painting) 2011-2012 from HRD, Govt. of India, New Delhi. Working with dry pastel on canvas as medium, his inspiration stems from the natural environment. He always felt an attraction in the soft, natural delicate tones of butterflies, flowers, feathers. His great dexterity over the application of dry pastel helps him lay bare this softness in his unpremeditated forms. Artist presently lives in Bhopal.

In his works the forms shed around a deep feeling of peacefulness. Somewhere one can find peaceful reflection of morning where others contain the shades of dusky grey. The dots of multitude colors and shapes depict different forms and feelings.

Though abstract, these are the seeds born of my own inner self, yielding through different colors and shapes. In these unpremeditated forms I can find reflection of my own imaginative self. They are those moments of life which give me great ecstasy.

Light penetrating through layers of grey and off white shades its shadows. The transparent forms lay bare my own intrinsic elements of softness and sensitivity.

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