Artist Profile

Poosapati Parameshwar Raju did his B.F.A. in Applied Art from Govt. School of Art, Aurangabad (DN) in 1980-1985 and M.F.A. in Applied Art from BAM University, Aurangabad(Dn) in 2011.

He was a student of the artist, A K Ramavarma, but owes his calligraphic skills to the training imparted by Prof S. V. Pendse at the Government School of Art in Aurangabad, where he had a more solid grounding in technique.

Poosapati Parameshwar Raju brings us Lord Rama and Lord Krishna in a subtle yet captivating way. This is calligraphy at its best. Parameshwar Raju expertly fuses the world of words with the world of images, and captured in his strokes and delicate lines, the Ramayana seems to transcend both worlds. His series on World Faiths closely brings together symbols of various faiths, which reminds us that although there may be differences between different faiths, there are also similarities. Of course, considering all faiths to be the same is erroneous, but to pride oneself on being different and fight over religious matters is likewise mistaken and simply expressive of a neophyte and shallow understanding of the various faiths.

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