Artist Profile

Haimanti Sen was born in Delhi and is the daughter of legendary artist Arup Das. She did her BFA from Delhi college of Arts. Having worked for the past 29 years she wants to transform her knowledge and skills in ‘Art Therapy’.

Art Therapy is a form of expressive therapy through which a person can express one’s self by painting or just olaying with colours without any definite lines or forms. This is a medium which can help in improving a person’s physican, mental and emotional well-being.

She has developed a style of her own and she explains ‘The style I like to work on is pointillism but abstract. Colours that I choose are soothing to give a mystic feeling. Some of my works have symbolic motifs. My favourite topic is Banaras and water. I identify myself with my subject and I am able to get the grip of my roots.

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