Artist Profile

Vitality that comes from life and being keenly perceptive is the hallmark of Neeraj Goswami’s paintings and murals.

"An artist remains aware though detached. The artist feels the throbbings of broader impulses around him more acutely. The joys, sorrows, compromises, excellence, pain, loneliness, all inspire the artist. Every experience catalyses creativity and experiences get sublimated."

Faithful to these precepts, Neeraj Goswami has forged his own style that does not take into account the prevailing trends. He has earned a reputation of an artist whose works are thought provoking and filled with the conflicts, either those between men and women or those between human beings and their environment. An eye for detail and a keen sense of observation have served him well making his paintings true to life and unequalled for their portrayal of the various realities that he observes around him.

Born in Patna in 1964, Neeraj completed his education at the Delhi School of Art. He earned both a Bachelor’s and Masters degree and has been feted by the Government for his significant contribution to art. Neeraj received the Bharat Bhavan Award at the Second Biennial of Contemporary Indian Art in the year 1988. The Lalit Kala Research Grant Fellowship was also awarded to him in the same year. Besides these Goswami has been in great demand as a muralist and a portrait painter. Now many important camps and shows later Neeraj finds himself in the forefront of Indian contemporary art and his works grace many a collection both in India and abroad.