Artist Profile

Born in Sanjaya, a village in Gujarat, Madhvi Parekh reflects her rural influences in her stylized folk art. 

Married to Manu Parekh, an artist from J.J.School of Art, Madhvi gained much of her exposure to art and inspiration for her paintings, from him. She explored the possibility of depicting her childhood memories through her paintings, where images of fantasy and early days are woven into her entire work, which lend it a surreal, dreamlike quality. 

Her subjects have a freshness and spontaneity to them; and although her themes always revolve around images that affect her; her compositions are flexible, and all her paintings have a strong sense of design.

There is an element of emancipation in the majority of Madhvi's works, where man is depicted free from the tyranny of mechanical time.

artists such as Paul Klee and Clemente.

She has been exhibiting her work since 1972, all over the world and has more close to a huMadhvi's work has its inspiration in rural India, while her style is contemporary; influenced by ndred solo and group shows to her credit.


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